10 Reasons Why The Clippers Will Not Win The 2023-24 NBA Championship

The Clippers have finally acquired James Harden but there are 10 reasons why they still won’t win an NBA championship.

James Harden has been acquired by Los Angeles in the biggest trade of the NBA season

The Clippers have an elite squad right now but there are issues that need to be factored

The NBA landscape has too much competition to ignore right now

The Los Angeles Clippers made a massive splash Tuesday in the early morning, trading for former MVP and reigning assist leader James Harden.  

The Clippers have been interested in Harden for a few months now, but finally,  

they were able to reach a deal with the Philadelphia 76ers. 

In a package that sent the likes of Marcus Morris and Robert Covington to Philadelphia along with picks, we are finally done with the James Harden saga 

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