2023-24 NBA MVP Power Rankings: Luka Doncic And Nikola Jokic Started Hot

With a week gone already, it is time to unveil the top 10 MVP candidates for the 2023-24 NBA season.

The 2023-24 season is officially underway and some MVP candidates have distinguished themselves

– There will be 10 major candidates for the MVP award in 2024

The favorite will have the best season on an individual and team level

The 2023-24 NBA season is off to an exciting start as we have some MVP candidates completely distinguished from the rest in terms of production, numbers, and all-around impact.  

Winning the MVP award this season will come down to the finest margins including team record and individual stats, 

But separation between some players will be almost miniscule 

This season might have one of the most exciting MVP races in recent memory. 

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