3 Different Starting Lineups That Could Save Los Angeles Clipper

The Los Angeles Clippers need to experiment with their lineup combinations to arrest their losing streak.

The Los Angeles Clippers looked strong to start the season, getting off to the races with a 3-1 record before losing to the Lakers.  

They introduced James Harden into their lineup against the Knicks and have gone 0-4 since.  

The current combinations and play style just don't seem to be working for the Clippers,  

made abundantly clear when the team lost to the league-worst Memphis Grizzlies.  

Starting lineup changes could be integral in saving their season. 

With how competitive the Western Conference is turning out to be, the Clippers can't afford to fall any further behind.  

As a result, head coach Tyronn Lue needs to introduce ways of playing that maximize the talent on the roster instead of the stagnant and uninspiring lineups we have seen run out. 

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