4 Love Story-Loving Zodiac Signs 

Are you the type of person who finds comfort in the pages of a love story, when you become engrossed in the romance that exists between the characters? 

It may surprise you that some zodiac signs are naturally drawn to love stories. Let's explore the romantic souls of four zodiac signs who enjoy love stories.

The Pisces are dreamers and inventive. Neptune, the planet of fancy, rules Pisceans, who enjoy poetry.


Cancerians are emotionally sensitive and their hearts beat to love. Cancerians enjoy nostalgic, emotional love stories because the moon rules them.


Libras, controlled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, appreciate love stories' beauty. They like stories about delicate relationship balance and harmony.


The sun rules Leos, who are charismatic and dramatic. They enjoy epic love stories with huge gestures, passion, and intensity.


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