5 NBA Players Who Played Against Or With LeBron James And Michael Jordan Get Honest On GOAT Debate

Five NBA legends who have experience with LeBron James and Michael Jordan shared their takes on the GOAT Debate.

The GOAT debate in the NBA may never die, with fans arguing between Michael Jordan and LeBron James for years now. 

Ever since the 2016 NBA Finals, there's been a growing case for LeBron as the greatest player ever,  

something that many traditional NBA fans deny given the sheer dominance of Michael Jordan.  

With every passing year, the case for LeBron becomes more popular, but what do people who have played with or against both players think? 

James and Jordan missed facing each other in the NBA by one season, as Jordan retired in 2003,  

a few months before LeBron was drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers.  

As a result, there are plenty of players who played extensively against Jordan and also LeBron.  

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