5 Zodiac Signs Women Who Are Not Brave 

Many people are fascinated by astrology, which reveals personality attributes based on zodiac signs. Bravery is subjective, yet certain zodiac signs are more courageous than others. This article will discuss five zodiac signs connected with women, who may be less fearless in certain situations.


Pisces women are intelligent, sensitive, and empathic. These traits are helpful in many ways, yet they might make Pisces women more cautious and reluctant in difficult situations. 


Cancer women are protective and nurturing. They care for their family over themselves. This makes them very compassionate and supportive, but it may also make them avoid risks and confrontations that could damage their relationships. 


Libra women love harmony, fairness, and diplomacy. They avoid disagreement and work hard to keep peace. This skill can make them good mediators, but it can also make them indecisive and hesitant to act assertively, especially in tough situations. 


Virgo women are sensible, meticulous, and analytical. They may be structured and reliable, but they may also overthink and be too critical of themselves and their talents. Self-doubt can prevent them from taking risks and leaving their comfort zones. 


Taurus women are steady and determined. They crave permanence and stability. Their determination can be admirable, but they may fear losing the comfort and stability they have worked hard to attain and resist change or risk.

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