6 Palm Line Signs of Financial Trouble

The Line of Success, or Sun Line, indicates your vitality, life path, and financial success. A break in this line may suggest professional or business challenges.

Broken Sun Line

Heart Line symbolizes emotions and connections. Small chain-like symbols on a chained Heart Line may indicate emotional issues affecting financial decisions. 

Chained Heart Line

The Mercury Line shows business and communication skills. An island on this line may suggest professional communication issues that complicate business dealings.

Island on the Mercury Line

Your career and destiny are on the Fate Line. The tassel at the end of this line indicates financial instability.

Tassel at the End of the Fate Line

Saturn's Mount symbolizes discipline and duty. A cross on this mount may indicate financial constraints or wealth-building obstacles. 

Cross on the Mount of Saturn

The Moon Mount symbolizes inventiveness and intuition. Multiple horizontal lines on this mount may indicate financial instability due to indecision or fluctuation. 

Multiple Horizontal Lines on Moon Mount 

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