6 worst to best zodiac signs  


Sorry, but Virgos frequently fail. Give them a chance to criticize someone and they'll be the first to wound or hurt someone's heart. Unfortunately, they disrupt minds.


This fire sign, symbolized by the lion, fears nothing—not even being caught at the grocery store seconds after uploading a concert selfie. You can ask and receive the truth from them, but if you don't ask, they'll keep you in the dark. 


Cancer is passionate and aloof, but as you get closer, their shield will break. Keep the FBI task force on speed dial to decipher their monosyllable texts until you arrive. 


Gemini—represented by the twins—is known for its duplicity. Although they mean well, they're torn between two parties, so don't take it personally if they leave your party early to go to another. 


This earth sign values stability, even if it means lying to avoid conflict. Taureans are the first to apologize in a fight, even if they're upset you didn't notice their mutinous silences sooner. 


This fire sign tells the truth, even if it's harsh. As the ram, Aries isn't shy. If you want to hear that your beloved college pants still make your legs seem great, consider whether you can handle the truth. 

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