4 Most Anxious Zodiac Signs

Due to their personalities, some zodiac signs worry or worry. These symptoms may be sensitive, hyperactive, perfectionist, responsible, or pessimistic.

Some zodiac signs perceive worry more than others and are more apprehensive. Astrology's most anxious zodiac signs.

Men and women in Virgo establish high standards for themselves and others. They may get worried when things don't go as planned or reach their standards. Virgos criticize themselves and others. They may worry about not fulfilling their own or others' expectations.


Cancer patients are emotional. The emotions of others and their surroundings make them a worry-prone zodiac sign. They may internalize others' feelings and worry excessively about others and the world.


Pisces are sensitive and compassionate. It can increase their susceptibility to others' emotions and energies. They may worry about others' suffering or feel overwhelmed by their environment, making them nervous zodiac signs concerning others' well-being.


Capricorns have high self- and other-standards. They may obsess over mistakes, not meeting expectations, or not reaching goals. This perfectionistic streak might cause tension and worry over not meeting their ideals.


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