A Baby Bit Prince William During His Trip to Singapore

The Prince of Wales had a full schedule of royal visits ahead of the major event tomorrow, including stops to the Jewel, a nature-themed entertainment and shopping centre next to Changi Airport's passenger terminals. 

According to People, while William was greeting well-wishers, a baby called Albane Costa grabbed his finger and brought it to his mouth. And, while it may spark an international problem, the prince brushed off the minor bite and added, "I need my finger." I need my finger back.

Liza Dicoy sent X a video of the incident, which showed the entire interaction.How is he sleeping? Is he sleeping well? "Good," William questioned Albane's parents before Fingergate. Prior to the incident, the parents stated that their child was "very sweet."

"It makes me very broody," she said at the Copenhagen Infant Mental Health Project on a solo tour of Denmark in February 2022. "William is always concerned about my meeting under-one-year-olds. 'Let's have another one,' I remark as I walk in the door.

While we don't know if another child is on the way, Kate has made children a priority in her royal activities, including the Shaping Us campaign from The Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood.

"Could you please get my wife out of here before she starts crying?" During a recent trip to Scotland, where the Princess of Wales met an infant named Saul at St. John's Primary School, William made a joke about Kate. 

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