Aaron Rodgers denies having bong on Jets' sidelines, says it was tequila

Aaron Rodgers, the quarterback for the New York Jets, claims that the internet is "a little weak on the conspiracies" in response to rumors that he was seen smoking a bong on the sidelines over the weekend.

When Rodgers most recently appeared on "The Pat McAfee Show," McAfee rolled out the tape and inquired about the specific object Rodgers had dropped on the field prior to kickoff.

In Rodgers' defense, there is a Maestro Dobel tequila bottle that looks like just like the one he dropped.

Rodgers has been open in his support for recreational drugs, especially psychedelics. Earlier this year,

Rodgers spoke at a psychedelics advocacy conference in Denver and has admitted to using ayahuasca.

In recent years, attitudes toward psychedelic drugs—which have been prohibited on a federal level since the Nixon administration—have improved. Psychedelic mushrooms are legal in a number of jurisdictions, including Colorado and Oregon, and research indicates that they can be useful in treating mental health conditions including PTSD.

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