Adam Silver Gets Real On The State Of NBA Media And His Problem With Basketball Coverage

Adam Silver drops truth bomb on modern NBA color commentary.

In an appearance on "The Old Man & The Three," league commissioner Adam Silver made some revealing remarks on the current state of the NBA media. 

In a chat with JJ Redick, he explained his problem with NBA discourse today and how some media networks chose to cover the game for their audience.  

The color commentary on our [NBA] games gets reduced to 'this team wanted it more' or 'this team tried harder' as opposed to there are really complete defenses.  

Like, what's the offense? Why is this team losing the way they are? Why is this team successful? 

Explain what the pick-and-roll is. Kenny Smith when he goes to that board, is a great example of helping explain the game. 

With the rise of social media and the explosion of meme culture, the way fans currently interact with the NBA is unlike anything we've seen before.  

Now, more than ever, players are held accountable for bad performances and the most disappointing teams are subject to days, weeks, or even months of internet backlash for their struggles. 

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