Anne Hathaway Remembers Being Told Her “Career Would Fall Off a Cliff at the Age of 35”

Anne Hathaway is a real example that actors' careers do not end in their 30s, and she is dispelling the myths of those who hold this opinion. Hathaway discussed hearing that her career would suffer at a particular age in a recent cover article for PORTER, NET-A-PORTER's web magazine. 

Hathaway, 41, told the magazine, "I was warned that my career would fall off a cliff at the age of 35, which is something I know a lot of women face." "What I think is great is that more women are pursuing occupations later in life, which is something that has changed throughout time.

"Obviously, that doesn't mean we should have a ticker-tape parade," Anne went on. "Someone told me the other day that there are so many things to be proud of and so many things to correct. I've always been really honest about my ambitions," she said.

I still pursue my dreams and goals, even though they don't seem all that different from when I was [younger]. Not only is it important for my health, but it's also about my family, my team, and me, in my opinion.

These remarks from the Hollywood star come shortly after she spoke candidly on Today a few months prior about her feelings on ageing and her dislike of hearing that she looks beautiful "for her age."

Thus, it's good if individuals would like to offer a complement. However, I'm curious about what lies beyond the hype itself, regardless of what it is. I've come to a lot better understanding of my preferred method of doing things at this point. 

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