Anne Hathaway Schooled Us on Seasonal Dressing in the Comfiest Coat

What a chick. She is refined. She's a contemporary goddess. Hey, it's Anne Hathaway. The actress's easy style has captivated me ever since The Princess Diaries. She even taught us how to dress for the season yesterday by donning the most effortless coat ever.

It's the big shawl collar, though, that really caught my eye. It flowed from her shoulders, giving the ensemble a draped appearance, while the long silhouette and XXL sleeves gave it further depth. 

Not only is Hathaway's coat gorgeous, but it's also quite comfortable, which is why I'm in love with it. Robe coats let you curl up in total cosiness because they're not constricting or tight. 

In addition, they're simple, which makes them one of my favourite fashion hacks for seeming put together even when all I did was throw one on over my leggings and call it a day. Therefore, robe jackets are incredibly comfortable, simple to wear, and easy to style—despite their elegant appearance.

Wear yours with trousers, a hefty black belt and pointed-toe heels for a chic appearance. Alternatively, opt for a more laid-back look by pulling on some jeans and trainers. An expert piece of advice? To counterbalance the flowing style of the upper layer, think of adding pieces that aren't as hefty.

Even though I already have a lot of cosy jackets in my wardrobe, Hathaway just persuaded me to get one more. If you find yourself in a similar situation, check out additional robe jackets below that will definitely elevate your ensembles.

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