Anne Hathaway Wants to Give Her Sons the Chance to “Define Their Own Lives” Outside of the Spotlight

Given that she shares her sons with husband Adam Shulman, Anne Hathaway is being open about her decision to keep them out of the public eye. During a recent interview, the actress discussed how her personal and professional lives are kept apart and gave her family's needs priority over her business. This was published in PORTER, NET-A-PORTER's digital journal.

Regarding the separation, she remarked, "It's something I feel is not just essential for my health - I'm on a team, it's my family, and it's not just about me." "My family has needs, and the ability for children to determine their own life is one of those requirements.

Regarding the two spheres of her life, the actress said, "I don't even think to link the two except through gratitude that they serve each other so beautifully." However, they support one another via myself rather than via a location outside of myself.

Only a few months prior, Anne had discussed parenting once more, this time discussing the pressures she felt to "snap back" after becoming pregnant. It consumed every moment of those three years with my second. It's cool, too. Accept your body as it is.

Hathaway told People back in September, "I felt so much better when I learned about this because people don't talk about it." A full recovery following a pregnancy takes three years for the body. I resisted the urge to snap. Regarding that, I want to be really explicit. 

Before welcoming their kids Jack, 3, and Jonathan, 7, in 2016 and 2020, respectively, Hathaway and Shulman were married in September of 2012.There's nowhere to go, she said. It is currently. Don't put expectations on yourself; just be present and take care of yourself.

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