Anthony Edwards Leaves LeBron James Off His All-Time NBA Starting Five

Speaking in a recent media interview, Timberwolves star Anthony Edwards unveiled his picks for the top five greatest players in NBA history.  

Featuring a mix of modern-day heroes and old-school legends,  

Edwards' list looks like one from a true student of the game. 

"All time? Jordan, Kobe, Shaq... that's three," said Edwards after a brief pause. 

"Allen Iverson and, I mean, of course, KD for me." 

All-Time starting fives are always a matter of opinion and everyone's lineup looks different in some way. 

For Edwards, it's clear that he respects legends like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and Shaquille O'Neal, but the exclusion of LeBron James has many fans scratching their heads. 

As a three-year NBA veteran now, Edwards has seen LeBron play for himself plenty of times, but it seems Durant has left a stronger impression on him so far in his young career. 

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