Austin Reaves Reacts To Getting Benched In Favor Of Cam Reddish

Austin Reaves kept it real after Cam Reddish took his spot in the Lakers' starting lineup.

In an attempt to get their season back on track, the Los Angeles Lakers made the bold move of benching Austin Reaves in favor of Cam Reddish for the game against the Phoenix Suns. 

The change worked out, as the Lakers ended their three-game losing streak, and after the game, Reaves shared his thoughts on the benching.  

I'm a competitor," Reaves said. "Truthfully, you don't want to have that conversation. 

I would love to not have that, would love to have been playing better to not have those conversations, winning as a team. 

But my parents taught me at a young age that the coach is the coach and his decision regardless if you agree with it or don't agree with it, you respect that and that's what I did. 

You love that mindset from Reaves, and he then stressed the fact that the most important thing is to win game

As I've spoke about the last two years I've been in the NBA and even before that is winning is the main thing. 

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