Bally Sports Take Down Viral Video Of Mavs' Commentator Calling James Harden 'A Problem'

A viral clip of Mavs' announcer Brian Dameris tearing into James Harden has been taken down by Bally Sports.

Before the Mavericks vs. Clippers in-season tournament game last week, Bally Sports Southwest Mavs' announcer Brian Dameris went off on James Harden,  

pointing out his troubled history of getting his way and still not bringing results, openly calling Harden a joke and a problem. 

Unfortunately, it seems Bally Sports has decided to delete the video after it went super viral. 

The decision to take down the clip solely came from Bally Sports Southwest executives who felt the clip 'did not reflect the Mavericks organization.' 

Somehow, those at Bally Sports Southwest were not in agreement with Dameris’s 'editorializing',  

according to a source, because it went against the network’s “values.” 

The clip was initially promoted on Bally Sports' social media channels and was left up for a couple of days before they deleted it.  

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