Blake Lively Hilariously Captured "Thirst Content" of Ryan Reynolds at the Gym

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are acting like themselves once more. Following several months of matching clothing and going about their regular lives as a couple, Lively and Reynolds returned to their favourite pastime—making people laugh on the internet. 

During a strenuous gym session, Blake posted a picture of her husband and personal trainer Don Saladino on Sunday. The actress was squatting down in the backdrop to capture the ideal shot.

She posted the picture to her Instagram Story with the comment, "Find yourself a better Instagram boyfriend than me," and then she zipped in to see her reflection in the mirror. "I'll hold off," she said. 

Blake remarked, "Because I know low-key capturing thirst content of your fine azz husband is not photography, it's a public service," narrowing the image even further on the following slide.

Reynolds, on the other hand, gave the amusing pictures some further background. He referenced his impending role in Deadpool 3 in his caption, writing, "As I get ready to shove myself into Deadpool's Big Red Body Condom™️ again, I have to aim the light at @donsaladino."

After years of stunts and competition, my body has become more fit than its bones and ligaments could have ever imagined. At times, I take things too far. To be honest, I always go too far. I've never really gotten along with moderation.

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