Bulls Front Office Unhappy With Zach LaVine's Body Language After Trade Request

Zach LaVine pushed a Bulls PR representative and has upset the Bulls' front office as he awaits a trade.

The Chicago Bulls have a disgruntled star on their hands, as Zach LaVine is getting progressively harder to deal with for the franchise as the two-time All-Star awaits a trade. 

LaVine has checked out and it was made clear after LaVine pushed a Bulls' PR person after a comeback win over the Heat. 

The front office is not happy with this. 

LaVine has since addressed the incident himself, claiming it was a miscommunication. 

He also claimed his body language on the court was bad because he wanted to celebrate with the team in the locker room. 

Zach LaVine won't be the easiest player to trade, as he has also handed a list of preferred destinations to the Bulls, according to Yahoo Sports.  

The Lakers, Heat, and 76ers are his primary targets, while he would be open to a possible move to the Spurs or Kings as well. 

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