Cam Johnson Says Kawhi Leonard Deserves A Statue In Toronto Over "Legendary" Season

Cam Johnson explains why Kawhi Leonard deserves a statue in Toronto.

In his lone season with the Toronto Raptors, NBA star Kawhi Leonard was able to accomplish something that hadn't been done in history: bring the NBA championship north of the border.  

While Kawhi would go on to leave just a few months later, his title run with the Raptors put him on legendary status that Cam Johnson says is worthy of a statue.  

He really pulled up to Toronto. Didn’t speak, won a chip and dipped…That’s legendary. Legends get statues.  

To bring a championship to that city in the manner that he did against the powerhouse of the Warriors.. 

The 2018-19 season didn't go the way most people expected. 

The Warriors, who still had Kevin Durant at the time, were in the last year of their run and everyone was confident that they'd beat whichever team was in their way. 

Of course, the Warriors lost the title that year and it started a chain reaction that altered the course of history forever.  

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