Carmelo Anthony Blasts 'Toxic' Ring Culture

Former Knicks star opens up on ring culture in the NBA.

While former Knicks star Carmelo Anthony enjoyed a successful 19-year career in the NBA, his time in the league often gets discredited for his inability to win a championship.  

It's too late for Melo to change that fact now, of course, but he can change the narrative around ring culture itself,  

which disproportionally weighs title wings over any other metric in the game.  

I just think that the mindset has shifted tremendously when it comes to ring culture," said Anthony, via Complex. 

Like, there's no way that guys who haven't won the ring shouldn't still get the credit that they deserve. 

Barkley is who he is... we are who we are. So because we didn't get win the NBA championship, we shouldn't get credit? 

Like we should just be dismissed on everything? So I will always kind of disagree with that but as far as ring culture, I think people understand that not everybody can win it. 

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