6 Zodiac Signs That Stalk Their Ex  

After a breakup, Aries stalks their ex-partners. They are one of the most driven zodiac signs. They lead relationships and are loyal to friends and family. They might also stalk their passions with fervor.


Cancerians are sensitive and emotional. They disregard their lover if they feel any distance when in love. They make great partners when devoted. Cancerians stalk their ex like crazy. 


Leos represent courage, creativity, and self-confidence. However, they can be blatant stalkers. Leos insist on being near their goals. Despite breaking up, people with this zodiac sign invade their ex-partners' privacy.


Scorpios love challenge and intrigue and are passionate, resourceful, and magnetic. To get their way, they might be cruel and spiteful. Their desire and determination frequently lead to success. They are faithful and command respect.


Although strong-willed and ambitious, Sagittarius can be nasty and vindictive if threatened or betrayed. They are fiercely committed to their values and won't back down. 


They find it hardest to accept their partner's departure. Men and women are passionate and loving. Pisces go insane when stalking. They forget everything and follow their companion. 


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