Deandre Ayton Sets Two Useless 'Kendrick Perkins' Screens Against The Jazz

Deandre Ayton's double-screen blunder in a game against the Jazz echoes a memorable Kendrick Perkins moment.

In a recent game against the Jazz, the Portland Trail Blazers' new acquisition, Deandre Ayton,  

experienced an embarrassing moment on the court that harkened back to a memorable Kendrick Perkins screen.  

Ayton, who joined the Blazers this offseason, seemed to have a lapse in communication or a misread of the play,  

resulting in him setting two screens for no one in consecutive actions. 

In the first instance, Ayton set a screen for Jerami Grant, but Grant opted to go around it, leaving Ayton with no defensive player to screen.  

The confusion continued into the next play, where Ayton, once again, set a screen despite no opponent being in the vicinity.

This peculiar sequence brought to mind a famous Kendrick Perkins moment during his career when he, too, set a screen for no apparent reason. 

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