Devin Booker Trolls Kevin Durant In Hilarious Response To Viral "I Want Her" Tweet From 2010

Devin Booker and Kevin Durant share a hilarious exchange over an old throwback tweet.

In the aftermath of Phoenix's 131-128 win over the Utah Jazz on Friday, 

Devin Booker dug deep into the internet archives to respond to a post by his former teammate Kevin Durant. 

Dating back to 2010, the now-infamous message involves Durant admitting to "waking up in the middle of the night" to think about a woman he liked.  

Apparently, Booker was feeling similar vibes on Friday night and he wanted the whole world to know.

Booker did not reveal what girl has him sitting at the edge of his bed at night, but as an NBA superstar, multi-millionaire,  

and fan-favorite athlete, there could be multiple women that are "haunting" his dreams. 

Now, all the guys have is each other and that seems to be more than enough to keep them going for now... 

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