‘Doc' Antle of Netflix's ‘Tiger King' pleads guilty to wildlife trafficking and money laundering

The U.S. Justice Department stated on Monday that the owner of an exotic wildlife preserve, who rose to fame on the hit Netflix series "Tiger King," has entered a guilty plea to charges of animal trafficking and money laundering.

A young chimpanzee, tigers, cheetahs, and lion cubs that were all protected as endangered animals were all sold or bought under the supervision of Bhagavan "Doc" Antle.

per a statement from the Justice Department. According to officials, the 63-year-old man who starred in the tiger trade drama documentary,

attempted to pass off payments for animals to his nonprofit organization as "donations."

"The defendant presented himself as a conservationist, but he broke laws safeguarding endangered species on multiple occasions and then attempted to hide those infractions,"

In a statement, Assistant Attorney General Todd Kim of the Environment and Natural Resources Division of the Justice Department said.

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