Dolly Parton Explained Why Her Husband Carl Never Accompanies Her to Big Events

Prior to the release of her 49th studio album, Rockstar, Dolly Parton is talking candidly about the working relationships on the record and, ironically, explaining why her husband Carl won't be seen walking the red carpet with his leading woman.

What Would Dolly Do? Radio's last show on Apple Music 1 had some exclusive insight into Parton's relationship with Carl and the reasons he is never able to give her an honest assessment.

Parton clarified that before he hung up his tuxedo for good, Carl, whom she married in 1966, only ever attended one function with her. Carl has never been in the spotlight and has always avoided it. It annoys him.

When we were initially married, he attended to an event that was recognised as the BMI Song of the Year with me," she said. "He emerged from the room, removing his tie, tuxedo, and other accessories, and declared, 'I won't be attending any more of these dreadful events.'"

Dolly added that Carl never gets flattery for the flashbulb moments and that he never responds honestly when she asks him about her songs. She acknowledged that he won't provide her with a "honest answer," yet she still termed him "very honest."

Dolly's first-ever Rockstar role for him demonstrated that. He may have given us a bland response, but she saw it as "the greatest compliment in the world," according to her. If someone else said, "Oh, that's the best I ever heard," that would be the equivalent of that.

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