Doug Gottlieb Allegedly Claims Kobe Bryant Said LeBron James Was Not Built For LA

Kobe Bryant allegedly expressed doubts about LeBron James' understanding and adaptation to Los Angeles.

In a purported revelation, sports commentator Doug Gottlieb claims that back in 2018, 

shortly after LeBron James inked his deal with the Los Angeles Lakers, Kobe Bryant shared a candid assessment with him. 

This statement, if accurately attributed to Kobe Bryant, suggests a perspective on LeBron James' fit and adaptation to the culture and demands of Los Angeles. 

Bryant, a Lakers legend, was known for his deep connection to the city and its basketball culture, 

and it appears that he expressed skepticism about LeBron James' ability to navigate and embrace LA in the same way. 

It's important to note that these are reported comments from Doug Gottlieb, 

and neither Kobe Bryant nor LeBron James has publicly confirmed or commented on this alleged statement.  

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