Draymond Green And Anthony Edwards Caught In Heated Verbal Altercation

Draymond Green fouled Anthony Edwards hard on a layup and then exchanged some harsh words.

The Minnesota Timberwolves walked out of the Chase Center with a 106-100 win over the Golden State Warriors 

where Draymond Green and Anthony Edwards had a heated verbal altercation late in the fourth quarter.  

Draymond committed that foul with the Warriors down 13, but his energy did seem to spark a run as they cut it down to four points near the end. 

Unfortunately, it wasn't enough as the jump shots ran dry and the Wolves saw out a strong six-point win to win their sixth game in a row.   

Edwards was the leading man in the win, dropping 33 points with six rebounds and seven assists to lead the Wolves. 

Draymond Green also is in that club but had an all-around game with nine points, nine rebounds, and seven assists. 

Draymond Green is the instigator on the court for Golden State, but he often finds himself in trouble when he does this.  

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