Draymond Green Cussed Out Donovan Mitchell And Jarrett Allen In Leaked On-Court Video

Draymond Green got into a series of verbal altercations with Cavaliers stars Donovan Mitchell and Jarrett Allen.

Draymond Green is a fierce competitor on the court and that was evident during the Warriors loss to the Cavaliers.  

Green would get ejected late in the game for constantly jawing at Jarrett Allen and Donovan Mitchell,  

with a leaked video showing what the players on the court were saying to each other after Draymond thought Allen fouled him on a play. 

After addressing the second comment towards Jarrett Allen, 

Donovan Mitchell came to his center's defense and hip-checked Draymond in the next possessions before having a heated conversation with him. 

Mitchell and the Cavs got the last laugh this night, as they walked out of the Warriors' Chase Center with a 118-110 win. 

The team is also struggling to score outside of Stephen Curry, so the Cavs were simply too much for them. 

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