Dua Lipa Put Her Underwear and Stockings On in the Wrong Order

Dua Lipa can convert even the most controversial fads into high fashion. There was the mint green Muppet dress, the time she brought back the statement jewellery, and now, an outfit that defies so many fashion norms that it really works.

Today Monday, the singer posted a photo dump to her Instagram to promote the imminent release of her new track "Houdini," today. While the first slide included a repeated video of her freshly dyed red hair and short behind-the-scenes views at a photo shoot.

The singer donned a white tank top with blue and red accents, a sheer bottom, white undergarments layered over red stockings, and white sling-back kitten heels. Lipa leaned back in the snap, putting her arm on her pump-clad foot. She smolderingly clutched her head in her other hand.

A separate photo in the collection had extra promotional information, including a poster of the album art that read "catch me or I go..." while advertising the dates of three "Houdini" launch parties in London, Los Angeles, and Tokyo. 

The final slide was a screenshot of an X thread from social media sensation Caucasian James that said, "being in a Dua Lipa photo dump could change my career." Connor Wood, a content creator, replied, "I think about this all the time."

"I'll be hosting three surprise Houdini launch events in London, Los Angeles, and Tokyo," Lipa captioned the image. "The first one is this Thursday in my hometown of London!" I'll be inviting some of my UK and European admirers, so keep a watch out.

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