Dua Lipa Said Promoting Her Debut Album Made Her "So Upset

It can appear as though Dua Lipa has boundless energy and a social battery from all of her appearances on tours, in concerts, filming movies, premieres, fashion shows and global travel. Even the Grammy-winning pop artist, though, occasionally needs a vacation.

When I initially started, I believe there were a lot of times when I was just doing back-to-back photo shoots, travelling, and performing, and I didn't want to miss any chances, especially in America, when I was doing late-night TV or breakfast television, or whatever,

I would frequently have to stand up and perform. For example, I once had 30 minutes before we started recording on an American show to just, like, try and work out a routine and dance and perform and do the thing," she added in response to presenter Harriet Rose.

Lipa stated she "would have completely changed" her ways if she could go back in time, thinking back on that period. "I never, ever wanted to experience something like that again. "I will ensure that I have enough time to complete all tasks, avoid overcommitting, and practise self-care in a different way," she declared.

Like the relatable queen that she is, Lipa like to keep things low-key in London when she does have free time. This includes going to the neighbourhood pub and getting fish and chips. All I want to do is go out and get coffee, visit the park, and take walks around Hampstead Heath.

Her new song "Houdini," which was released last week, was linked to the interview. "Dark, clubby, after hours with a lot of psychedelic influences" was how she characterised the single when discussing it with the interviewer. "It's my new venture," she continued. "It seems like a fresh start, exclusively for me. 

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