Dua Lipa Went Full-On Business Casual Blokecore For Her Latest Campaign

Specifically, the Puma Forever Palermo campaign, which has everyone's favourite pop diva posing in football shirts, the iconic Palermo style sneaker and plenty of appetizing-looking Italian food, is literally serving out fashion inspiration.

In keeping with her earlier Puma ads, which incorporated her characteristic sci-fi future themes blended with butterflies and more subdued athleisure, Lipa endorses a contentious trend in the most recent campaign. 

 Lipa blends sport and business without appearing like a TikTok fashion victim in the new Forever Palermo photos, where she is shown sporting a football jersey, a long pinstriped skirt and trainers.

Lipa told Hypebae, "The versatility of the Palermo is great." "When worn with denim and some oversized outerwear for a casual look while running errands, it's fantastic for a classic street style approach.

A longline coat in a corresponding inky tint is worn by Lipa beneath all-black sports gear in further photos that highlight the fashion mashup. She also matched a football jersey with denim for an easily re-created outfit.

In the background of Lipa's expert posing and trademark smoulder were scenes from a beautiful Italian setting complete with fresh fruit, pizza, garlic garlands, and a dining room and kitchen.

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