Dua Lipa’s Velvet Catsuit Featured Dozens of Sexy Peekaboo Panels

Fans of Dua Lipa, prepare to be satiated. Lipa continued to give fans what they want on Tuesday, tweeting a number of behind-the-scenes views into her next album's creation — including the great attire that went into it — after entirely erasing her socials last month in anticipation of her next creative era.

Dua released a compilation of photographs with her 88.6 million Instagram followers earlier today to both tease the release of her forthcoming single, "Houdini," and to show off some stunning OOTDs. Lipa was photographed in a loose black T-shirt and matching sweatpants in the first photo of her dump.

The actress was photographed on a couch with her colleague Danny L. Harle, wearing a '70s-inspired black velvet catsuit with long sleeves, pantaboot-style legs, and scores of squiggly, sheer cutouts. 

In terms of beauty, Dua wore her brunette hair back in a slicked-back updo and kept her makeup to a minimum, opting for a bright complexion and prominent brows.

While Lipa's hair may have been returned to its natural colour in dump, her post comes just days after she debuted a head of red locks when posting the promotional art for the tune. 

In a different post on Sunday, the singer showed off her newly coloured red hair while dressed in red stockings, white pants and a red, white and blue blouse."I'm hosting three surprise Houdini launch events in London, Los Angeles, and Tokyo," Dua captioned the photo. 

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