Dwight Howard's Baby Mama Royce Reed Says NBA Star Cheated On Her With Miami Heat Dancer

Royce Reed's revelations on love, betrayal, and reconciliation with Dwight Howard.

In a dramatic tale of love, betrayal, and reconciliation, Royce Reed, the mother of Dwight Howard's child, revealed the tumultuous nature of their relationship. 

Reed shed light on the rocky road that ultimately led to their breakup, with allegations of infidelity playing a significant role. 

I remember the date that Braylon was conceived and even how that happened. 

I had found out that he was cheating on me with a girl that I was on the team with 

Some of my teammates knew so that caused a rift between me and some of my teammates. We’re all okay now, we just had our Heat reunion. 

"I broke up with him. I wasn’t answering his calls. I was like, ‘Leave me alone, I hate you.’”  

Royce Reed recalled a pivotal moment in their relationship, citing a breach of trust as the turning point.  

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