Emma Stone Convinced Me to Swap My Jeans for These Martha Stewart-Worn Pants

Most likely, if you see me walking about, I'm wearing jeans. Whether I'm going to the office, an Upper East Side dinner, or a park picnic, my go-to song is always the reliable blues. What am I supposed to say? Although denim is always cosy, ubiquitous, and quite attractive, Emma Stone may have introduced me to a whole new range of bottom options.

When Stone was spotted on the Jimmy Kimmel Live! set, she was dressed in satin trousers with pinstripes. The somewhat baggy cut and extra-long length of her trousers made them effortlessly adorable, and they also reminded me of classic business clothes in the most elegant way imaginable. 

Satin trousers have been a major fashion statement before. Jennifer Lawrence accessorised hers with a relaxed white T-shirt, Martha Stewart wore a vivid yellow pair, while Katie Holmes gave hers a daring twist.

Although I adore jeans, as I've already mentioned, I have occasionally worn satin trousers. I always feel like I'm wearing a pair of fancy sweatpants since they are so comfortable. Not to mention that they're flowy and free-fitting, enabling me to wear loose-fitting trousers with abandon.   

In addition to being spacious and comfortable, Stone's pants also exudes luxury. Choosing silky bottoms may instantly improve an ensemble and give it a distinctive look with little work.

Wear a leather jacket and graphic T-shirt with your own take on Stone's bottoms, such as these wide-leg Sweatyrocks trousers, for a biker-chic look. Alternatively, accessorise these Favourite Daughters pants with a bodysuit that is sleek and neutral and matching shoes with pointy toes.

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