Eve Wembanyama Goes Viral For Imitating Her Brother With NBA-Style Halloween Costume

Eve Wembanyama pulled off an incredible imitation of her brother, Victor, by dressing up as the Spurs' big man for Halloween.

Victor Wembanyama earned plaudits around the world with his mega-viral disguise as 'Slenderman' on Halloween.  

While it may be impossible to top what Victor did, there's another Wembanyama who may have outdone him.  

His sister, Eve, decided to dress up as her brother. 

The costume was pretty convincing, with a fake beard, a bald head, and even full Spurs attire. 

It wasn't like her brother's incredible costume or even other NBA players such as Giannis Antetokounmpo and LeBron James. 

Nonetheless, it's a heartwarming gesture given Wemby's recent emergence as a superstar since being drafted.  

Dressing up as him makes sense because he's quite literally a well-known pop culture figure now, and his sister recognized that pretty easily. 

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