Every Call The NBA Referees Missed On LeBron James This Season

Missed calls and questionable officiating in the early NBA season left LeBron James and fans frustrated with inconsistent rulings.

In this young NBA season, LeBron James has already encountered a series of missed calls and non-calls by referees,  

putting his team at a disadvantage and leaving fans and analysts questioning the consistency of officiating. 

These missed calls and fouls, though part of the game, have gained increasing attention due to their timing and potential game-altering impact.  

The season began with the Lakers facing off against the Denver Nuggets, where LeBron found himself on the receiving end of two blatant non-calls during layup attempts. 

Christian Braun's hand made contact with LeBron's during a layup, followed by a similar incident involving Kentavious Caldwell Pope. 

Despite the contact, LeBron displayed his skill by converting both shots. 

Facing off against the Clippers, LeBron drove to the basket with Paul George defending him. 

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