Everything You Need to Know About Ava Max

Ava Max, a pop star, had great success with her 2018 track "Sweet but Psycho." This young artist's abilities were showcased by her amazing pipes and catchy tune.

and ever since then, she has been moving higher. To be the person she is now, though, she had to overcome some obstacles and muster some fortitude.

The year was 1994, the place was Wisconsin, and a little baby girl was born and given the name Amanda Ava Koci

Despite being trained musicians (her father was a pianist, her mother was an opera singer), her parents were Albanian immigrants who struggled financially. They didn't understand English and had to work three jobs apiece.

Little Ava (although she went by Amanda back then) started singing in competitions when she was still in elementary school but it wasn’t her time to go pro yet.

Knowing she wanted to have a normal childhood, she didn’t make any professional move before graduating high school.

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