Fans Can't Believe LeBron James Pretended To Pass A Blunt To Christian Wood Mid-Game

LeBron James had an NSFW celebration on the court during Lakers vs. Rockets.

LeBron James may just be the funniest NBA player on the planet. During the Lakers vs. Rockets matchup, 

James seemingly walked over to Christian Wood and gestured to smoke something before passing the imaginary item to Wood.  

Another fan jokingly called LeBron a bad influence, referencing the time when Bronny posted an Instagram story while smoking a blunt.

There are so many references James could be making with this. Was he smoking that Rockets pack?  

Unlikely, as the game was ongoing and the Lakers were trailing when he made the gesture. 

Could it be a reference to smoking a layup or a shot? 

Possible, but it just seems so out of the blue and random. 

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