Fans React To Hilarious Video Of LeBron James Testing The Squeaks On In-Season Tournament Court

LeBron James is going viral for his thorough examination of the new Lakers In-Season Tournament court.

LeBron James is one of the most meticulous athletes the NBA has ever seen. 

He has enjoyed one of the longest primes in NBA history because he takes care of the smallest thing, which has been made evident in a recent clip. 

LeBron jumped around the new Lakers In-Season Tournament court to make sure the new design was integrated well, checking out the way the court was squeaking.    

Noted analyst Kevin O'Connor was shocked he actually watched the entire video.

Fans were joking about how this clip makes him the greatest of all time.

Fans used this to confirm his availability for the game tonight after LeBron sat out the Lakers last game due to calf soreness.

Some games have been hard to watch because of the courts, so let's hope that's not the case for the Lakers. 

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