Former Lakers Star Says Victor Wembanyama Could Win 10 NBA Championship

Metta World Peace makes a wild claim about the Spurs' rookie star.

Victor Webanyama hasn't even played 10 games in his NBA career, but he's already shown enough to convince some that he's a legend in the making. 

After watching Vic drop 38 points on Thursday, former Lakers champion Metta Sandiford-Artest (formerly Metta World Peace) 

raved about the young star and claimed he has the potential to retire as a 10x champ. 

"Wem is winning 10 titles potentially," wrote Metta. 

He might win MVP this year. Definitely 1st team all defense and 1st team all NBA. 

Potentially the 1st player to be most improved as a rookie.

Metta failed to elaborate on how a rookie could win most improved player, but it's possible that the entire post was sarcasm, meant to make fun of the hype and all of the wild predictions people have been making. 

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