Former NBA Cheerleader Reveals She Had Sex With Nets Starters Last Season, Mikal Bridges And Grant Williams Immediately Reacted

Former Nets cheerleader goes viral for wild NSFW accusations involving the Brooklyn Nets.

Former NBA cheerleader Jen Rufo recently shocked the basketball world when she admitted to having sex with multiple Nets starters last season. 

In a clip that has gone viral online, she explained her experience working as a Nets dance girl, 

which she says led to her having intercourse with several top-level Nets rotation players. 

"They don't technically say it's not allowed, just frowned upon," said Rufo.  

"So during the time I was dancing with them I just did it anyway," she said.  

.I was there for like four years and over the course of that I did hook up with a couple of players." 

As the Nets' best player, Mikal Bridges has been highly suspected of being the person involved but nobody really knows what happened.  

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