Gabe Vincent Gets Real On The "LeBron Effect" After First Four Games As A Laker

Lakers guard opens up on being teammates with LeBron James.

After three seasons with the Miami Heat, veteran NBA point guard Gabe Vincent has experienced first-hand what life is like as a Laker. 

In the meantime, he's also witnessing the wide-reaching impact of LeBron James up close and personal. 

In a recent chat with the media, Vincent shed some light on his recent revelations and explained why his current situation is unlike anything he experienced in Miami. 

It’s very different,” Vincent said, via South Florida Sun Sentinel. “No matter where you’re at, the Lakers, that name carries a lot of weight.  

And then the LeBron effect, you can’t talk about that team without talking about him in that way. 

It’s a lot of attention. It’s a lot of eyes. I wouldn’t say better or worse, it’s different. 

As 17x NBA champions, the Lakers have a rich history of greatness that stretches back to the dawn of the NBA. 

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