Gabrielle Union Isn't Letting Menopause Slow Her Down

As long as Gabrielle Union is doing well, she won't let certain outmoded Hollywood norms to stand in her way. Indeed, the actress is going against them. Union recently opened up to Allure on going through menopause and the attitudes of the male-dominated entertainment industry towards older women.

What is her fuckability quotient? is a term I acquired years ago from some sexist males in Hollywood. Therefore, considering the fuckability quotient, being forthright about menopause and ageing is equivalent to removing oneself before others even realise that you may be ready to be put out to pasture," the speaker said.

It is highly unlikely that you would receive the same salary and employment opportunities. However, Union isn't going to accept it as her reality. The businesswoman did, after all, admit that she is currently more successful than she has ever been. "I was expecting a slowdown, but it hasn't materialised," she remarked. 

She said, "To be honest, I don't think I've ever been more interesting in my whole life." Perhaps the solution lies in embracing the situation rather than avoiding it or acting as though it doesn't exist. Excuse my words, but I used to be a terrible motherfucker. And now that I'm a nasty motherfucker.

Union discussed the challenging side affects of the hormone shift in other parts of the conversation; these are topics that are rarely discussed in public, much less in Hollywood. The bed would appear to have a gallon of water spilled on it when she woke up in the morning, she claimed.

People who declare, "I just want to disappear," are not necessarily expressing a desire to die. Furthermore, you do not consider that suicidal. However, if those emotions intensify and linger longer, they may leave you.

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