Gigi Hadid Is Actually “Over the Moon” for Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, Despite Initial Reports

Rumours claiming Gigi Hadid is anything but ecstatic for Taylor Swift are unwelcome. An example of that? As soon as rumours began to circulate that the supermodel disapproved of her lifelong best friend's developing relationship with NFL tight end Travis Kelce, Hadid moved swiftly to clarify the situation.

I realise I'm a few days behind on this tag, but didn't the media attempt this last week with Selena? Gigi Hadid "Doesn't Agree With The Way" Taylor Swift Is Handling Travis Kelce Romance, according to Gigi's Instagram post. She went on, "Let it be. "Our girl has us completely smitten. Exactly.

Hadid's explanation appeared to be in response to a Us Weekly article that surfaced earlier this month, which said the model was worried about Swift's new romance. 

Gigi doesn't agree with Taylor's behaviour, which is one of the reasons she hasn't gone to any of Travis' games, a source previously told the tabloid. She thinks Taylor is taking on too much at too young of an age.

The singer's father was there at the Eras Tour stop in Argentina over the weekend, and Kelce danced with her in the VIP tent and gave her a nice peck of PDA after the show. Gigi's remarks also coincide with that event. 

Since Swift went to her first Kansas City Chiefs game on September 24, Taylor and Travis have been caught cuddling on multiple occasions, though they have not yet made their relationship public. 

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