Gilbert Arenas Claims 70% Of NBA Stars Girlfriends Will Cheat On Them With Other Player

Gilbert Arenas' startling claim about NBA stars' relationships sparks discussions about the complexities of dating.

Gilbert Arenas' bold claim during The Gilbert Arenas Podcast certainly stirred up attention and conversation within the NBA community.  

During the podcast, he asserted that a significant portion of NBA stars' girlfriends would engage in relationships with other NBA players while they were still dating. 

His estimate of 70% might appear shockingly high, but it reflects a common narrative associated with professional athletes 

70% of y'all girlfriends gonna sleep with another NBA player, while y'all dating so get that over you.  

She was a life that you are the bottom end of it. Right, there's players on that team that you watched and admire, they watching and admire. 

They had crushes on, they got crushes. If you is you, right? You know, there's a Curry in the league that she been watching,  

and LeBron in the league that she been watching, got Jayson Tatum, she got Ja Morant. you on the road 

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