Gilbert Arenas Explains Why Russell Westbrook Didn't Succeed Next To LeBron JameS

Gilbert Arenas has explained why Russell Westbrook struggled alongside LeBron James on the Lakers.

Gilbert Arenas has broken down why Russell Westbrook and LeBron James fit together and didn't end up bringing success to either player on the Lakers,  

especially given Westbrook's better performances on the Clippers.  

Because [Russell Westbrook] and LeBron played the same position. 

He's not a shooting guard, LeBron's not a shooting guard 

so they were both gonna clash about who's gonna drive and pass to each other. 

It was a better fit to have someone who can catch-and-shoot out of the pick-and-roll.  

That's what the clash was, it was two players trying to do the same exact thing.”  

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