Gilbert Arenas Exposes Miami Heat Culture And Pat Riley Using 2006 Championship Team As Example: "They're In The Strip Club Every Night"

Gilbert Arenas doesn't believe Heat Culture is real, especially within the 2006 Heat Championship squad.

Gilbert Arenas does not believe in the largely believed perception that the Miami Heat have a distinct NBA culture, which leads to their success. 

He challenged the concept of Heat Culture, using the 2006 Championship team as an example 

given the star cast they had and how they would go to the strip club and party without any consequences because of their star power.  

The team they had in Dwyane Wade's second year when they brought in Shaq and didn't win. 

After that. they brought in Antoine Walker, all the veterans, and club heads. They were so good and talented. 

If you look at that roster, 12 out of the 15 were first-round lottery picks. 

They were so talented, that they didn't listen to that man (Pat Riley), they were in the strip clubs every night. 

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