NFL Star's Brother Throws Massive Shots At Grant William

Grant Williams wearing a Philadelphia Eagles jersey has pissed off Dak Precott's brother.

Grant Williams attended a post-game press conference after the Dallas Mavericks' win over the Charlotte Hornets by wearing a Philadelphia Eagles jersey. 

That act has ticked off Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott's brother,  

Tad Prescott, who claimed Grant doesn't love the fans in Dallas. 

"Is he f***ing serious? You play for a Dallas franchise, and this is the sh*t you pull? Must not want the love of the fans or city."

This is an incredible overreaction from Tad Prescott.  

Just because he plays in Dallas doesn't mean he's local to Dallas or will support every Dallas sports team. 

Standout rookie Dereck Lively II is also openly an Eagles fan, so at least Grant will not be alone in his fandom. 

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